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Susan Harwick Watts:  I am a native English writer based in the U.S.  I have spent the last fourteen years in the medical/healthcare field as a medical researcher/transcriptionist/editor.  As a web content writer I lean toward writing about topics involving healthy living, travel, and lifestyle.

In web content writing I prefer to use a personal tone to engage readers.  My goal is to help make your content creative, engaging, and enlightening.  Reliable SEO content involves readers and persuades them to come back to read more. I am dependable, budget conscious, and prefer to make every writing experience memorable.

My past lives include owning several businesses and working in the healthcare industry.  I am an AWAI-trained copywriter with a journalism background.  I would be delighted to give you a rate quote on any type of article or content project you may have.  My services are timely, delivered as promised, and fairly priced.

To contact me by email:  susanhw@writingwoman.biz

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