Content Marketing Leads Today’s Marketing Strategy

It is confusing to some business owners exactly what content marketing is and how it relates to their business’s products and services. Content marketing is an approach to marketing and distributing relevant content to attract a defined audience with the purpose of creating customer action. In other words, it is information that makes the reader more intelligent. The thinking behind this theory is that if we, as businesses, deliver valuable and consistent information to the buyers, they will reward us with loyalty and with their business.

This is of course in addition to other forms of marketing now available. Traditional forms of marketing (television, radio, magazine advertising) are becoming less and less effective. People use DVDs and target communication services to avoid having to watch commercials. Social marketing if used consistently may help attract customers who are looking for a specific type of product. Content marketing however attracts people who want to be entertained and informed at the same time. This fairly new marketing concept delivers information to an educated and curious consumer, and is being used right now by large marketing organizations such as Microsoft, John Deere, and Proctor and Gamble. It is also being used by small and single-owner businesses because it engages the reader and educates him/her rather than “selling” them.

Where Do I Begin? So, where do you begin to get started with content marketing? Begin by understanding what your goal is—is it to raise awareness of your company and its services? Is it taking steps to show prospects the benefits you offer? Is it a need to build your email list? Is it a need to retain clients or increase their purchases? How will content marketing support these goals?

Somewhere along the timeline of your business, preferably at the beginning, but if not then, then now—you will want to form a mission statement. Decide why your company exists and determine its priorities and perspectives, and how this will affect your content marketing strategy. Define the type of person you want to help most, the type of information you want to provide them, and what they will do with that content when they receive it. This will lay the foundation for your content strategy and help you determine what content you want to use.

What Types of Content Resonate With Your Clients? The goal of content marketing is to influence, inspire, and move the customer to action. Content should give the reader a fresh point of view even if the subject is common or mundane. The audience always want to feel that they matter, or that they have just learned a new secret or a new way of changing their lives that will be of value. They want to be surprised by learning a different way of accomplishing their goals.

The frequency and amount of content gives a business site strong SEO presence for searches carried out in their industry. Consistency and quality keeps audiences coming back for more.

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